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Tachometer factory Horn

Theodor Horn founded a factory for the production of tachometers in the year 1885. He changed places two times till he moved into the final building in 1899, which is seen in the pictures. About 100 employees worked there, but the number grew rapidly when the production was shifted to military equipment during the first world war. In the year 1925 the three sons of Theodor became the owners of the factory which now produced precision motors, tachometers and several other gauges. A lot of the factory was destroyed on the 6th of April in 1945, but reconstructed soon after. The owners were expropriated and started a new factory in West Germany. In 1948, it got renamed in ‘VEB Messgerätewerk Leipzig’ and continued the production of gauges and measuring devices. The factory got renamed again in 1951 to ‘VEB Gerätewerk Leipzig’ and was joined with other factories to the ‘VEB Kombinat Fernmeldewerk Leipzig’ in 1970. Like many other factories in the GDR, it was closed down in 1990 and remained this way till today.

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