Eastern Exploration

Capturing decay.


Hey, I’m Phil from Germany with a neverending urge to explore.

In spring 2016 me and my friend had the idea and curiosity to enter an abandoned house in our neighborhood. The two of us didn’t expect that this was the start of our passion for Urban Exploration. Since then I took a lot of pictures and uploaded them here on this website.

Although I’m continuing alone today my ambition for this hobby never went away and probably never will.

My goal is to explore every abandoned place I find, no matter how small. This is why I have pictures of many unique locations uploaded which most explorers wouldn’t even bother exploring. Even if they aren’t that interesting sometimes they still have some special appeal and make for a few great pictures.

I tend to give away an approximate location of my places by tagging city names in my posts. I don’t want to keep my discoveries completely secret and like to give other Urbexers the opportunity to find these locations with a little effort. I locate my Lost Places via Google Maps or by just driving around most of the time.

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