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Capturing decay.

MC reconstructions

Here you can find realistic reconstructions of some abandoned places and other things in highly modded Minecraft. The benefit from this: You can explore them yourself if you follow the installation instructions. These maps take a lot of work since they aim to be exact replicas of the inside and outside of the real places with a precision to 1/16 of a meter if possible. For me this is besides images another way to document these places and to preserve them via digital copies for the future world. There are also reimagined versions of some places uploaded, where I tend to get creative to find realistic renovation ideas. The maps are cutouts which I considered worth sharing of my bigger building map, hence the abruptly cut landscape at the region corners.

Filmtheater Merkur Arnstadt – Reimagined + 4 houses


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Milchhof Gera – MC reconstruction


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Sargfabrik Schwarzatal – Reimagined


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RAW Erfurt – MC reconstruction


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