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Brewery Gebr. Grosser

The brewery was founded as “Brauerei Frege & Co” in 1876 in the small village named Gabe Gottes. The history of the settlement itself began in 1668 with the construction of a smalthouse which was later transformed into an iron works. Most likely, some of the buildings later became a part of the brewery. The whole property was bought by the Grosser brothers in 1898 and the brewery was renamed in “Brauerei Gebr. Grosser”. During the GDR, the beer was also sold under the name “Brauerei Gabe Gottes”. It’s unknown when the brewery stopped operation, but it likely already shut down before 1990. The brewery mansion was transformed into a tenement house. The last tenants must have left during the 2010s, judging by the things inside the apartments. Overall the whole house most likely in a very bad shape and in need of renovation when people still lived inside of it with for example the electrical system dating back to the early 20th century. Most of the buildings which once were used for brewing are completely destroyed and unrecognizable, giving the impression that the whole property was just a basic rental house. I added an old drawing of the brewery at the bottom of the page, which I found while researching. The mansion is on the left front, while most of the other buildings are completely destroyed or inaccessible nowadays.

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