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Castle Dwasieden

The castle Dwasieden was built by Adolph von Hansemann who was the owner of the Disconto-Gesellschaft in Berlin. He was one of the richest people during the Bismarck period. The architect of the building was Friedrich Hitzig and the whole construction lasted from 1873 till the year 1877 until it was finished. It cost about 4 million Mark and had an adjoining park with 102 hectares. The castle itself had a square shape, 2 stories, colonnades and pavillons. Due to financial problems, the grandson of Adolph sold the castle to the city Sassnitz for a very low price. He also had the hope the city would turn the area into a health resort, but this wouldn’t happen. The city almost instantly sold it to the Marine in 1935. Several buildings for schooling purposes were built in the area and the castle with the former horse stable were used to accommodate the officers. Later a couple of barracks were built on the property.

In May 1945 it was captured by the Soviets and demolished in 1948 like many other aristocrats buildings in the soviet occupation zone. Only the horse stable was left unharmed and can be seen today. From 1952 on, it as used as a place to school submarine captains of the Volksmarine. During this time, new barracks were built again in the facility. In the year 1989 the Volksmarine was disbanded due to the end of the GDR. The whole area was completely demilitarized in 1990 and was left abandoned. In 1993 plans were made to rebuild the castle and built the ‘Kurgebiet Dwasieden’ but they were never carried out. The same thing happened in 2007, but these plans were canceled too.

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