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Dance hall Barberina

The building was constructed in the 19th century in the Neo-Renaissance style. It initially provided a place for coachmen to take a break. After a new railway line and a station was opened behind the building in 1875 more and more guests came to stay at the building. During the expansion of the station in 1905 the building also got renovated and expanded. It now functioned as a station restaurant and the dance hall was built. The hall consisted of pillars, big round windows and a lot of stucco. The place brought in many people till the beginning of World War 2. After the tenant who ran the restaurant died in the war the doors were broken up and the building was looted. Later the machine factory ‘Pfauter’ bought the property and used it to accommodate guest workers. In the 1950s it was turned into a dance hall again and got named ‘Barberina’, which was inspired by the name Barbara Campanini who was a famous dancer. In the year 1966 the location was rented to Manfred Herbig who focused on running it as a restaurant while the upper floor was turned into several flats. The dance hall was only used as a workshop from then on but the restaurant stayed open till 1978. Since then the building was abandoned and no maintenance was done leading to the ruinous condition of it.

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