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Factory VEB Textimaprojekt Karl-Marx-Stadt

The factory and engineering office was founded in 1953 and was part of the VEB Kombinat Textima Karl-Marx-Stadt. Textima designed and produced several machines for the chemical fiber production, textile industry and many more which are related to them. The VEB Textimaprojekt was used by the Textima as a place for research and development of their products. In the year 1990 the Kombinat Textima was reformed in the ‘Textima AG’. Not long after, many of the factories which belonged to the Kombinat Textima closed down or got privatized. The whole corporation was liquidated in 1996. Nowadays, the name and trademark rights belong to the ‘Textima Import Export GmbH’ which is situated in Berlin. The VEB Textimaprojekt got separately privatized in 1990 as ‘TEXPROJEKT Industrieanlagen GmbH’. However, the factory and the big office building were abandoned soon after and remain this way till today.

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