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Administration building of Dux Automobil-Werke

The automobile factory Dux Automobil-Werke AG was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The factory belonged to the Polyphon-Musikwerke, which produced music instruments like electrical pianos. Dux produced the cars ‘Polymobil’ and the ‘Gazelle’ in 1908. During the following years the factory was expanded several times and the production of trucks and busses was started. The brand under which they were sold was ‘Büssing – Dux’. After 1945 the whole factory was occupied by the Soviets, which used it for their purposes till 1991. During this time it got the name ‘Roter Stern’. Today, only the administration building is left of the once large factory. It’s said to be renovated soon and is wrapped in a safety net, covering the facade.

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