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Kulturhaus Gärungschemie Dessau

The building opened its doors in May 1937 as a ‘Kameradschaftshaus’ which was used by the national socialist student union Kameradschaft. The design originated from the architect Kurt Elster and follows the typical style of the 1930s. Dessau suffered heavy bombing during World War 2, but the building survived without a scratch. Soon after the war it was used for several political events. The building was named Kulturhaus Gärungschemie Dessau and belonged to the neighboring factory (Gärungschemie Dessau). It was mainly used for dance events, but also as a library and other things in the following decades. In the 1990s it was renovated as a club with the name ‘Paradies Inn’. The name changed several times afterwards due to the change of ownership. Such names were ‘Blue Sky’, ‘Tiffany Parc’ and ‘BIG’. In the year 2001 it was set on fire by an arsonist. The club never reopened and remained abandoned. In 2012 and 2013 it was set on fire yet again.

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