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BW Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof

The BW Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof was responsible for hauling passenger and freight trains towards Altenberg and Hof. In the buildings steam locomotives were fired up and preheated for their voyage but also repaired and maintained. The BW Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof, along with its predecessor facilities, was one of the oldest of its kind in Germany. Its history began in 1842 when a machine house was built. In 1857, repair workshops for passenger and freight wagons were added to the depot, and in 1865, a roundhouse with 16 stalls was constructed which can be seen in the pictures below. In 1875, the second roundhouse with 19 stalls and a turntable with a diameter of 11.6 meters was built. 20 years later the depot was expanded again with a new roundhouse south of the first shed, containing 10 stalls and a turntable with a diameter of 15 meters, while the capacity of the very first locomotive shed was expanded to 20 stalls. In 1895, an administration building was erected between the two roundhouses. Behind the second shed, a water tower and a shed for locomotive sand were built in 1899. During the 2nd world war, the second locomotive shed was completely obliterated by aerial bombings, while the first shed and water tower survived with no severe damage. In 2009, the water tower was demolished as it stood in the way of the bridge construction for the connection between Semmelweisstraße and Kurt-Eisner-Straße.

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