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Eilenburger Bahnhof Leipzig

In order to improve its profitability, the Halle-Sorau-Gubener Railway Company decided in 1872 to connect their railway network with the network of the city of Leipzig. After lengthy negotiations, the Saxon State Government granted the necessary concession on December 24, 1872 and construction on the railway line Leipzig-Eilenburg began soon after. The railway company acquired a roughly 10-hectare property, which was located far outside the city center in the then independent municipality of Reudnitz. The approximately 900 meters long and 150 meters wide station area was bordered by Eilenburger Straße, Nostitzstraße (now Reichpietschstraße), Riebeckstraße, and Gerichtsweg. On November 1, 1874, the first train rolled between Leipzig and Eilenburg.

From 1874 to 1876, the two-story station building of Eilenburg Station was constructed. The two-story brick building, designed by Richard Steche, was 115 meters long and 18 meters wide and housed several waiting and dining rooms. The total cost amounted to 365,000 Mark. On May 1, 1915, long-distance traffic, which had been handled through Eilenburg Station until then, was integrated into the newly built Leipzig Hauptbahnhof. From then on, Eilenburg Station served only as a departure and arrival station for local trains to and from Eilenburg. However, its main function was freight handling and railway maintenance. The last passenger train left the station on November 2, 1942.

During the war the station building was completely destroyed by aerial bombings. As a result, the facility could only be used for freight handling after 1945. From the 1960s onwards, the buildings were gradually demolished. The last company connected to the former track line was the Buchbindereimaschinenwerke Leipzig in Anger-Crottendorf. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, the last tracks were dismantled. In January 1997, the Leipzig City Council decided to convert the site into a park. Subsequently, the park Stadtteilpark Reudnitz was created, later named after Lene Voigt.

Today only a completely sealed locomotive shed, a warehouse and an administration building from the freight station (which can be seen in the pictures below) remind of the areas former usage. As of 2023 the warehouse is getting renovated.

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