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Sanatorium Joliot-Curie-Haus

The sanatorium was one of the first buildings in the Kurpark Bad Brambach. It was opened in 1913 under the name ‘Weidig-Haus’ and served as a clinic building. A refurbishment and expansion of the building took place in 1936 and it was then named ‘Radium-Kurhof’. In the year 1959 it was modernized the last time and remained open till the early 1990s. An investor bought it after the end of the GDR and closed it down soon after to eliminate it as a possible competitor for the sanatorium nearby, which is still active today. Since 2022 plans exist to demolish the building in the near future. The place is often called ‘Sanatorium Kussmund’ on the internet, which was never a real name of it.

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