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Sanatorium Hohentanneck

The sanatorium was constructed with the plans from Hugo Hackelberg during the years 1905 and 1906. Hackelberg was a carpenter from the neighboring city Ellrich and constructed the whole sanatorium as a truss building. The property was bought by Friedrich Cords in 1906 and the chief doctor Dr. med. Joseph Stein was employed. In the following years small renovations took place in the building, such as the change from earth closets to water toilets. In the year 1927 a lying hall was added to the south side of the sanatorium. Friedrich Cords died in 1925 and his wife Mary took over the facility. Later in April 1935 her daughter Margarethe, who had a Jewish husband, came back to Sülzhayn and they ran the sanatorium as ‘Arisches Haus’ during the time of the Third Reich. In October 1960 Margarethe died in a car crash and the sanatorium was taken over by Ella Rieder, who was the economic leader of the institution before. However, soon after in 1963 the Hohentanneck was leased by the Staatlichen Heilstätten Sülzhayn. As the number of lung patients declined in the 1960s, the whole healthcare system in Sülzhayn was restructured. The Hohentanneck was used as a nursing home from 1965 on. Since 1985 plans were made to close down all nursing homes in Sülzhayn and transfer them to the county Nordhausen. The last residents of the Hohentanneck were transferred to the nursing home Nordhausen-Ost in 1992. Since then it lays abandoned, with its shape deteriorating faster and faster due to the harsh weather in the Harz.

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